2007 and 2008
Roaring Brook Nature Center Exhibit Upgrades

In 2008,
Roaring Brook Nature Center completed its three-year effort to revamp the exhibit areas throughout the Nature Center. The Ray Smith Endowment was a major contributor to these exhibit upgrades.

These exhibits show how changes in land use in Connecticut have resulted in changes in the flora and fauna. In the 1500s native Americans managed the land. From the 1600s to the early 1800s, Colonial settlers cleared the forest and established farms and pastures throughout the State. By 1850, the original forests had essentially disappeared beneath the plow. After many farmers abandoned their farms and moved west in the late nineteenth century, Connecticut's pastures reverted to thickets and eventually young mature forests. Now, with rapid suburban development, the landscape is again changing and a new group of animals are taking up residence in our backyards.


For information on the Ray Smith Endowment,
please contact the Nature Center.

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