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Thank you!  All of the programs are fantastic & you make them the BEST.  People here are top notch.

- Parent of Nature Arts class student

For our SUMMER DISCOVER DAYS 2017 brochure

Roaring Brook Nature Center's SUMMER 2017 Discovery Programs
offer your child a unique blend of education and recreation
that takes advantage of the curiosity and sense of wonder
that all children feel toward the natural world.  

Grade levels are those your child will enter in the fall

Enrollment is limited; early registration is strongly recommended!
Please click on the links below to register for classes online.

Buds and Acorns: Pre-School

Sprouts: Kindergarten - Grade 1

Saplings: Grades 2, 3, & 4

Mighty Oaks: Grades 5 and up

To register by mail for our SUMMER 2017 programs
please fill out
Registration & Medical forms below

REGISTRATION FORM (print version) 
Enrollment is limited; early registration is strongly recommended!
Full payment is required for all camp registrations

MEDICAL FORM (mail in at least one week prior to program)

REFUND POLICY - If you find that your summer plans have changed,
please call us at your earliest convenience and
we will make every effort to reschedule your child to another class. 

Refunds are available only if your child's place
can be filled from our wait lists.


Roaring Brook Nature Center is currently accepting applications for the
Alison Gill & Beth Dal Negro summer program scholarships.
A limited number of partial scholarships are available
and will be awarded on the basis of need.
Application deadline is May 23


Click here to learn about Summer programs offered in West Hartford at

Child must be four years old by January 1, 2017
OR have had one year of nursery school.

Limit: 12 students
Time: 9:00 - 11:45am
Members: $120.00   Nonmembers: $140.00

Participants should bring a snack daily (NO peanut products please)

    Nature for Little Ones ...June 19 - 22   (Monday - Thursday)
    Fun in the sun, fun in the forest and field! It’s going to be just a whole bunch of fun outside!  


    Members: $120.00 / Nonmembers: $140.00 (per program)
    Monday - Thursday (except where noted)

    Limit: 12 students
    Time: 9:00 - NOON

    Participants should bring a snack daily
    (NO peanut products please)

    Growing Up WILD!... June 26 – 29   
    Let’s use our critical thinking skills to build forts in the forest and our imaginations to make mud pies! Let’s learn about the world around us with hands-on fun.  

    Whirligig Wonders (Wed—Fri. 3 DAYS)... July 5 - 7
    What is a whirligig and what do they do? What "critters" live in our pond? Why don't we see them? Let's grab our nets and search the ponds and streams!
    3 Day Class   Cost: $90.00 Members; $105 Non-members

    Life Under a Log... July 10 - 13
    Is anybody home? Explore the mysteries that are hidden beneath a log and on the forest floor. What secrets are hidden there?

    Tiny Treks... July17 - 20
    Hi- Ho! Hi- Ho! It’s on a trek we go! Together we will hike through streams, over bridges, into fields, and to ponds to explore the mysteries of nature.

    Hands on Habitats... July 24 - 27
    Let’s get our hands dirty and our feet muddy as we explore the nooks and crannies of the outdoor world! What does an animal need in their habitat?

    Curious by Nature... July 31 - August 3  CANCELLED
    Who left those tracks? What made that sound? These mysteries will help guide our explorations during our week together. Get ready for many exciting adventures!

    Animals on the Move... August 7 - 10
    Do the bear crawl, the cardinal hop, and even the bee dance during this fun and wacky week of movement! Learn about animal feet, wings and many other things!

    Nature’s Playground... August 14- 17
    Do animals play? We will not only find out the answer to this question, but find the animals’ best play spots in the forest and field.


Each week offers a theme around which activities have been developed.
rograms include short hikes, games, stories, crafts and 
visits with the Nature Center's animals.

Participants should bring a snack daily (NO peanut products please)

  Limit 15 students
Time: 9 am - Noon    Monday through Firday

Members $150.00 / Nonmembers: $170.00 per program.

Birds of a Feather (NEW)... June 26 - 30
Get inspired by the amazing world of birds! Take a 1ook at their beaks, feet and everything in between. Look at big birds, tiny birds and their Egg-traordinary eggs!

May the Forest Be With You! (NEW) (3 Days)...Wednesday- Friday July 5 - 7
Join us for three days of science experiments, volcanic eruptions, magnets and much, much more! Find your “force” and the forces of nature at the Roaring Brook Nature Center!
3 Day Class Cost: $90 Members; $105 Non-members

Busy Beavers... July 10 - 14
Busy, Busy Beavers let’s get to work! Did you know that a beaver is a fantastic architect and engineer? Let’s learn about a beaver’s talents & try to impress them with ours!

Forest Chef! (NEW)... July 17 - 21
Who eats what!?!? Together we will find out and make some delicious and nutritious foods for our furry, feathery and scaly friends that live at the Nature Center.

Fish, Frogs and Pollywogs...July 24 - 28 
Get our boots and buckets ready and head to the streams and ponds! Discover the mysterious world that lies below the surface. Who lives there and what do they look like?

Trail Blazers...July 31 - Aug 4 
Take to the trails for a grand exploration! Let’s follow our curiosity and search for animal signs, watch for birds, and peek at plants. Find out if people are the only ones making trails and paths through the forest and field.

Eye Spy!...August 7 - 11    ONE SPOT LEFT
Get out your detective spy glasses and magnifiers! We're going to look for the clues in the forest, fields and streams to solve the many mysteries of the outdoors.

Creepy Critters (NEW)...August 14 - 18    PROGRAM FULL
Some creatures just look a little odd or behave in a weird way. Let’s learn a little more about them and maybe find out that they are not so creepy after all.


Programs for youngsters with a developing interest in the natural world
Participants should bring a snack daily (NO peanut products please) 

Limit: 15 students
Time: 9:00 am - Noon (except as noted below)

Members: $150.00 / Nonmembers: $170.00 per program

Indian Woods Wisdom!... June 26 – 30    Two spots left
Step back in time and discover what life was like 600 years
ago for the Native Americans who lived here. Learn how to build shelters, make tools, create art, and much more.

What Did They Say? (NEW) (3 Days)... July 5 – 7
Birds, mammals, insects, and even plants have ways to communicate with each other. Let’s listen in on their conversations and learn what they’re saying.
3 Day Class Cost: $90 Members; $105 Non-members

Survival in the Wilderness... July 10 – 14   PROGRAM FULL
What would you do if you were lost in the woods? How would you find food and shelter? Discover how people and animals develop skills to survive in the wild.

Naturally Creative (NEW)... July 17 – 21
Let’s design, create, and interpret! Using a variety of natural materials and different mediums we will spend the week drawing, painting and using our imaginations to create beautiful masterpieces!

Fantastic Beasts! (NEW)... July 24 - 28
There are unbelievable creatures featured in movies and stories that are truly out of this world. Are some of these fantasy animals based off real ones? Let’s find out!

H2-Whoa! A World of Water... July 31 – Aug 4
Did you know that a single drop of water (H20) contains thousands of living things? We’ll go from puddles to streams to ponds in search of the creatures that inhabit this wet and wonderful world!

Paws, Claws and Jaws!... August 7 - 11
A coyote’s jaw, a squirrel’s paw, a bear’s claw - each
of these of animals is specialized in order to get food, climb, dig and more. Discover the unbelievable adaptations different creatures have and why.

Under Cover! (NEW)... August 14 – 18
This week we will experience the world of nocturnal creatures and those with extreme camouflage. Finish off the week with a FAMILY NIGHT HIKE on Friday, August 18th at 7:30pm.


Designed for the student with a high degree of interest in the natural world,
the programs include field trips to other natural areas in Connecticut.

Unless otherwise noted, these programs will consist of
three half-day and two full day programs.
9am - Noon (Monday - Wednesday) / 9am - 3:30pm (Thursday - Friday)

Members: $240       Nonmembers: $275
(except as noted)

Bring a snack. For all-day classes, participants should also bring lunch.
(NO peanut products please)

Chasing Dragons     Grade 5 & UP ... June 26 – 30
CT’s only program on our fastest-flying insects, it combines natural history, physical fitness and hand-eye coordi­nation as we attempt to “catch” these prehistoric creatures in order to identify and census them. Includes physically active field trips. Limit: 8 Students

Junior Vets (NEW)   Grade 5 – 9 ... July 5 - 7        PROGRAM FULL
Interested in animals or becoming a vet or wildlife rehabilitator when you grow up? Join us for this new program for a chance to learn about caring for exotic animals and wildlife. Program includes field trips to other animal facilities.
Limit: 8 students
3 Day Class Cost: $165 Members, $195 Non-Members

Reptiles & Amphibians    Grade 5—8 ... July 10 - 14   One spot left
Get ready to look for and learn about frogs, salamanders, turtles and snakes. This program includes short field trips to local natural areas.
Limit: 12 students
NOTE: 9 - Noon; Monday - Friday
Members: $150.00 Nonmembers: $170.00

Explorations I     Grade 5—8 ... July 17 - 21      PROGRAM FULL
An active week of hiking, canoeing the Farmington River, exploring tidal salt marshes and more! Good physical condition is required. Limit: 12 students

Into the Great Green Woods    Grade 5 – 9 ... July 24 - 28
Northwestern CT’s forests provide habitat for a diversity of wildlife including bear, moose, bobcat and fisher. While we may not see these animals, we will carefully explore the forests they call home. This program takes a close look at how our forests’ have changed over the years.

Elusive Mammals of Forest and Field (NEW)   Grade 5 – 9 ... July 31 – Aug 4
It’s a difficult task to find the mammals of Connecticut’s, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. We will visit the different habitats that they dwell and look for their den sites, tracks, diggings, and for signs that they have left behind.

Explorations II     Grade 5 – 8  ... August 7 – 11     PROGRAM FULL
Another week of exciting field trips to CT’s unique natural areas. Includes opportunities for hiking, canoeing and wildlife observation.
Limit: 12 students

Farmington River Ramblin'    Grade 5 – 8  ... August 14 - 18  ONE SPOT LEFT
Find out about the wildlife, ecology and history of the Farmington River. Includes a series of short field trips, plus an all-day Friday canoe trip.
Limit: 12 students

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