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Summer 2011 Discovery Programs

Roaring Brook Nature Center's “SUMMER 2011” Discovery Programs offer your child a unique blend of education and recreation that takes advantage of the curiosity and sense of wonder that all children feel toward the natural world.  

This summer's program offerings include activities for pre-schoolers through students entering grade 8. Grade levels are those your child will enter in the fall. There is a $5 discount for each additional class a child attends.

Print and use the registration form and medical form (registrations are not taken by telephone or email). Enrollment is limited; early registration is strongly recommended! Call the Nature Center at 860.693.0263 for additional information. 

SCHOLARSHIPS: Roaring Brook Nature Center is currently accepting applications for the Alison Gill and Beth Dal Negro summer program shcolarships. The Nature Center's summer programs are offered for children in pre-school through entering 8th Grade. Scolarships will be awarded on the basis of need. Application deadline is May 20th. Please call the Nature Center for information at 860.693.0263.

PAYMENT / REFUND POLICY: A $20 non-refundable deposit must accompany each class registration (amount of deposit is included in total class cost). Balance is due June 1 for all classes. For cancellations after June 6, balance will be refunded only if your child’s place can be filled from a waiting list.


Pre-school Programs - 2 1/2 and 3 year olds

An opportunity for the young child and a parent to learn together.
Child must be three years old by January 1, 2012.  Sorry, no older siblings.

Exploring Together I ... June 21 & 23 (Tuesday, Thursday)  
Limit: 8 students Time: 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Members: $20.00 Nonmembers: $30.00

Pre-school Programs - 3 1/2 and 4 year olds

Child must be four years old by January 1, 2012 OR have had one year of nursery school. Limit: 12 students
Time: 9:15 - 11:45 AM
Members: $65.00   Nonmembers: $80.00
/ program

    Do You See What I See? ... June 20, 22, 24  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
    Using your senses to uncover mysteries in the out of doors.

    Sharing Nature's Wonders ... August 8, 10, 12 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
    A close-up look at habitats around the Nature Center.    

Programs for 4 & 5 year olds

    Members: $90.00 / Nonmembers: $105.00 (per program)
    Monday - Thursday (except where noted)
    Limit: 12 students
    Time: 9:15 - 11:45 AM
    Participants should bring a snack daily
    (NO peanut products please)

Are You Sleeping? ... June 27 - 30    
Do you everr wonder what happens after you go to sleep at night? What animals are out and about after the sun goes down?

Who Goes There? ... July 5 - 8     Note: Tuesday to Friday program
Tracks, a stray feather or an owl pellet - who's been there? Loof for clues that animals leave behind.

Nature's Rainbow ... July 11-14  
Why does a hummingbird have a beak like a straw and an opossum a tail like a rope? How do animals' adaptations help them live in the woods?

Butterfly Bonanza ... July 18 - 21    Note: Tuesday to Friday program
Experience the magical journey from caterpillar to butterfly. What happens inside a "pupa?" 
Can you say metamorphosis?

Dirt Makes My Lunch...July 25 - 28
Grab a handful of soil and find out what's in it! Discover why animals depend on it and why we need it for growing food.

Birds, Beasts and Bugs ... August 1 - 4
Explore the natural world and uncover the secrets of animls that live in our woodlands and our own backyards.

Puddles and Ponds ...
August 8 - 11
Water, water everywhere - what does it do? Where does it go?  Who lives in it? Who needs it?

Mystery Animals ... August 15 - 18
What secretive creatures inhabit our woods? What are they doing here? Where do they live? Why don't we see them? Let's try to find some!

Programs for Grades K - 1

Each week offers a theme around which activities have been developed.
rograms include short hikes, games, stories, crafts and 
observations of animals kept at the Nature Center.

Participants should bring a snack daily (NO peanut products please)

Limit 15 students. 

Time: 9 AM - Noon

Members $110.00 / Nonmembers: $125.00 per program.

Animal Babies ...June 20 - 24     
Find out how animals take care of their babies. Learn about the baby animals cared for at the Nature Center.         
It Makes Sense ...June 27 - July 1       
Use your five senses to explore the world at our fingertips. Listen, look, smell and feel to explore the woodlands around the Nature Center.

Weather-Wise (NEW!) ... July 5 - 8     NOTE: four day program
What do clouds tell us about the weather? How do wind, rain and temperature affect the plants and animals? Members: $90    Nonmembers: $105

A Shelter Just for Me ... July 11 - 15    
What do animals use to build their homes? We'll expore different types of shelters used by woodland creatures.

Treecycle (NEW!) ... July 18 - 22    
Trees do much more than provide animals with food and shelter. The week will culminate with a theatrical presentation showing just how much more.

Fish, Frogs, and Pollywogs ... July 25 - 29  
Get your feet wet and find out about life in a pond.  Find out why pond creatures are so important to us. 

Creepies & Crawlies ... August 1 - 5    
Bugs, spiders, snakes, worms and more! Use a net, hand lens and and your own explorations to learn how these animals live.

Journey to the Center of the Earth! ... August 8 - 12     
We won't find real dinosaurs, but we will discover rocks, roots, fossils and even furry creatures.  We'll also learn some secrets about the earth.  

Summer Sun, Winter Wind ... August 15 - 19
Observe the signs that tell us fall is on the way. Learn about bird migration, how tadpoles become frogs and why the groundhog gets fat.

Programs for Grades 2, 3 and 4

Programs for youngsters with a developing interest in the natural world
Participants should bring a snack daily (NO peanut products please) 

Limit: 15 students
Time: 9:00 AM - Noon
NOTE: Afternoon seesions are available certain weeks from 1- 4 PM
Members: $110.00 / Nonmembers: $125.00 per program

Nature Arts ... June 20 - 24    
Designed to help students interpret what they see in the natural world in an artful way. You'll 
have the opportunity to paint, draw, sculpt and more using as many natural materials as possible.

Discovery Kids (NEW!)... June 27 - July 1
Why is the sky blue? How does a compass know which way to point? Why does ice float? Become a biologist, chemist, and physicist to discover answers to these questions through experiments, games, and outdoor activities.   

Going to Extremes (NEW!)... July 5 - 8     NOTE: 4 day program   
We'll travel from the oceans' depths to great mountain peaks to discover answers to these questions through experiments, games and outdoor activities.
        Members: $90    Nonmembers: $105

Survival in the Wilderness ... July 11 - 15  
What would you do if you were lost in the woods? How would you find food and shelter? DIscover how people and animals develop skills to survive in the wild.  
       Afternoon Session Available 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Rocks, Minerals & Dinosaur Tales: Digging Deeper... July 18 - 22   
Uncover a brand new world beneath our feet. Examine creatures, rocks, minerals and fossils of the earth below. Uncover the secrest of Connecticut's dinosaurs!    
          Afternoon Session Available 1:00 - 4:00 PM

It's A Hoot ... July 25 - 29
Let's take to the skies to explore the lives of birds. From colorful songbirds to the silent predators of the night, over sixty bird species can be found in our woods.

Indian Woods Wisdom... August 1 - 5     
Help set up camp in the woods following ancient Indian methods and traditions of concern for the natural world.  Experience animal tracking, native crafts and shelter building.
          Afternoon Session Available 1:00 - 4:00 PM     

Eyes Like An Eagle, Nose Like A Bear (NEW!) ... August 8 - 12
Animals' senses are often so much more acute than our won. How do these senses help animals find food and avoid predators. Use your won senses to learn more about the world around us.

The Water World ... August 15 - 19 
Water lovers will enjoy wading across streams and along pond banks in search of their favorite aquatic creatures.
          Afternoon Session Available 1:00 - 4:00 PM    

Programs for Grades 5 - 9

Designed for the student with a high degree of interest in the natural world,
the programs include field trips to other natural areas in Connecticut.

Unless otherwise noted, these programs will consist of
three half-day and two full day programs.
9 AM - Noon (Monday - Wednesday) / 9 AM - 3:30 PM (Thursday - Friday)

Members: $220       Nonmembers: $260

Bring a snack. For all-day classes, participants should also bring lunch.
(NO peanut products please)

On the Trail of Vanishing Species ... June 27 - July 1       
Find out about Connecticut's endangered, threatened and special concern species. Includes an all-day field trip to look for rare animals.
Limit: 8 students 

Chasing Dragons ... July 5 - 8      NOTE: four day program
Connecticut's only program on our fastest-flying insects, it combimes natural history, physical fitness and had-eye coordination as we attempt to "catch" these prehistoric creatures in order to identify ands census them. Includes physically active field trips to natural areas in the Farmington Valley and beyond. An insect net is recommended.
8 students (for students entering grades 5 - 9)
TIme: 9 AM - Noon (Tuesday - Wednesday); 9 AM - 3:30 PM (Thursday - Friday)

Members: $195   Nonmembers: $225

Explorations I ... July 11 - 15     
An active week of hiking the Appalachian Trail corridor, canoeing the Farmington River, exploring tidal salt marshes and more! Good physical condition is required. 
Limit: 12 students               

Reptiles & Amphibians ... July 18 - 22  
Get ready to look for and learn about frogs, salamanders, turtles, and snakes. Includes field trips to local natural areas.
Limit: 12 students             
Time: 9:00 AM - Noon
(Monday - Friday)
Members: $110.00    Nonmembers: $125.00

Hidden Gems in the Farmington Valley ... July 25 - 29

Daily hikes and natural history exploration of spectacular overlooks and scenic waterfalls right here in the valley! Participants should be in good physical condition.
Limit: 8 students     

Farmington River Ramblin' ... August 1 - 5  
Find out about the wildlife, ecology and history of the Farmington River. Includes a series of short field trips, plus an all-day Friday canoe trip. 
Limit: 12 students
Explorations II ... August 15 - 19
Another week of exciting field trips to Connecticut's unique natural areas.  Includes opportunities for hiking, canoeing,  and wildlife observation. 
Limit: 12 students     

For a registration form, please click here.
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