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Two Red-Necked Grebes brought to Nature Center

Two red-necked grebes were brought to the Nature Center on February 28, 2015. The birds had been independently found and caught in Burlington and Torrington.

The Red-necked Grebe breeds on small inland lakes in Canada and Alaska, and winters along both coasts of North America. Due to their relatively small wings, grebes are unable to take off from land, and needs a lengthy run across water to gain the speed needed for take-off. The extreme cold this winter had frozen local water bodies and these birds had been unable to take off and fly to open water.

Both birds were in good condition when captured, and after an evening enjoying a fish meal in the bath tub of the Nature Center's Director, Jay Kaplan, were released to open water in West Haven on the following day.


Two Moose in the Morning in North Granby

According to the Connecticut DEP, a resident moose population has been established in Connecticut. The moose populations in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire increased dramatically in the past few decades and have expanded their range to northern Connecticut.

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Pine siskins and American goldfinch at thistle feeder

At outbreak of salmonella is affecting many songbirds, especially pine siskins and American goldfinches. These outbreaks often occur when seed is wet, the weather warms up or when bird populations are high and food is scarce.

To reduce the spread of this disease, be sure to thoroughly clean bird feeders and remove the seed litter under the feeder.
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This Mississippi Kite was seen in Simsbury in September, 2008.

This southern bird nests in the southern half of the Gulf states, in the southern Mississippi River Valley, and in the southern Great Plains. It is a regular vagrant in some areas far north of where it should be and in 2008 nested in Connecticut and New Hampshire for the first time.

Bear enjoying a free lunch at Bahre Corner in Canton, early summer 2008.
Spectacular male box turtle brought to the Nature Center by Kim Salcedo to be measured for the Box Turtle Study.
Two bobcats sighted courting late one afternoon on Blue Ridge Drive in Simsbury by Paul Wilkerson early spring 2008.
A porcupine was found sleeping in a tree near the Nature Center one rainy summer day in 2007.

Five talented artists, (from left to right) Frank Gregory, Ted Esselstyn, Randy Gilman, Michael DiGiorgio, and David Gloman, converged at Roaring Brook in 2007 and 2008 to create our new exhibits. 

To learn more about their work and our new exhibit, click here.

Three baby barred owls fledged in spring 2006 from a tree cavity right off the Werner Pond Trail.
Purple Cup mushrooms found along the trail.
An animal control officer brought this stray to the Nature Center for identification. This young coyote pup was returned to the wild after ensuring the mother was nearby.
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