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Roaring Brook Nature Center Wild Bird Seed Sale

Bird Seed Order Form
Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Here is a great opportunity to feed our feathered friends and support the Nature Center's education programs and activities. Seed must be ordered in advance. Orders should be picked up on the sale date, Saturday, November 13th. To order your seed, print and complete the order form below and return it, with payment, by Thursday, November 4th.

We are offering the highest quality and well-known Lyric Wild Bird Seed at sale prices.  For information on seed or tips on how to attract birds, call the Nature Center or, better yet, stop by during our regular hours to watch birds at the feeding stations.  The Nature Center's staff will be delighted to answer your questions and to help you establish a backyard feeding station - an enjoyable and educational activity for the entire family.  For more information, call the Nature Center at (860) 693-0263.

Bird Seed Sale Order Form



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Seed Type
Cost($) Quantity $ Total
  Lyric Carnial Wild Bird Food
18 lbs
  Lyric Chickadee Wild Bird Food
20 lbs
  Lyric Woodpecker Wild Bird Food
20 lbs
  Lyric Supreme Wild Bird Food
20 lbs
40 lbs
  Lyric Wild Bird Mix
20 lbs
40 lbs
  Black Oil Sunflower Seed
25 lbs
50 lbs
  Sunflower Kernels
25 lbs
  Nyjer/Thistle Seed
10 lbs
25 lbs
  Safflower Seed
25 lbs
  Cracked Corn
25 lbs
  Orange Suet Cake
$ 2.00

All seed orders must be received, with payment, by Thursday, November 4th .

Please send your order to:
Roaring Brook Nature Center
70 Gracey Road
Canton, CT  06019

We will deliver seed to Canton Seniors.